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Many situations call for short-term to long-term storage of personal possessions and business property. Commercial self storage facilities meet this demand with a wide variety of storage options. By comparing services and prices, a customer can often find a storage solution at a self storage facility that saves money and is more secure than other choices for storage might be.

Here is an incomplete list of situations that might require storage of property for varying lengths of time:

  • In a weak economy, a small business might find itself with excess inventory on its hands. Rather than disposing of products at a loss, or investing in the expansion of on-site storage space for what may be a short-term problem, renting self storage space might be an economical choice.
  • Conversely, a rapidly growing business might need temporary storage space so it can keep sufficient inventory for increasing demand. A commercial storage unit is likely to cost much less than adding permanent storage space to a business’s premises.
  • Many people who own boats, recreational vehicles, or vintage automobiles choose self storage spaces over at-home storage, for security reasons, for keeping complaints from neighbors at a minimum, and for protecting their vehicles from deterioration due to extreme weather and sunlight. Many commercial storage companies offer covered parking, as well as warehouse space and individual storage units, for short-term and long-term vehicle storage.
  • Many people are down-sizing their living spaces, whether by choice or by necessity. Many baby-boomers have reached retirement age and are living in the houses they raised their now-adult children in. Other people have fallen victim to the recession and are being forced out of their homes due to foreclosure or eviction. Whatever the case may be, self storage of personal property and household furnishings makes good economic sense for the transition period from the old living quarters to the new.
  • Students often rent self storage units for keeping their belongings near campus during summer breaks. It is easier to move things from a storage unit into a dorm room than it is to transport them all the way from home at the beginning of every new school year.

Metro Storage USA offers Detroit area residents a variety of storage units and covered parking facilities. With convenient ground-level access, extensive security features, and on-site customer service staff, we can find the right self storage solution for almost any customer’s needs.