The Right Storage Solution for You

If you have more things than you have room for in your home or business, there are many storage solutions available for helping you manage your excess stuff. The best storage solutions for your individual situation will combine efficient use of space at a reasonable cost with other considerations such as ease of access and site security. The first thing you should consider is whether you really need to store some of your belongings. You can save a lot of money in storage costs by taking a critical look at the things you are considering storing to determine whether you really need to keep them in the first place. Consider how likely you are to need the things left over from your recent home down-sizing or your parents’ recently liquidated estate in the future. It might make sense to give some of it away or take it to a consignment shop rather than paying to store it indefinitely. If you have excess business inventory, it might make sense to liquidate some of it in a big customer appreciation sale rather than paying to store it for many months or years while you wait for the economy to improve. But, using commercial storage solutions for managing your active inventory is probably more cost-effective than expanding your own facilities just to make room for storage. You may not need as big a space as you expect for storing your belongings. By carefully stacking boxes and positioning furniture you can make efficient use of space from floor to ceiling in a storage unit and may be able to use a smaller and less expensive unit than you originally estimated. As you consider storage solutions for your individual situation, keep in mind the ease of access and site security that a commercial storage facility might offer compared to private options such as renting a friend’s garage or cramming things into your unfinished attic. Metro Storage USA can offer several storage solutions to fit your individual situation. Call or stop by one of our convenient locations to discuss your ideas with our on-site customer service staff.

Commercial Storage

There are many reasons for choosing a commercial storage facility for storing items that may not be convenient to keep at home. In addition to keeping furnishings in storage units after down-sizing housing or during new home construction, storage units are also convenient for college students who don’t want to move all of their belongings from the dorm to home between semesters, for businesses with excess inventory, for heirs while they are disposing of estate property, and for boat and RV owners who don’t want to store their vehicles on their driveways or in their back yards.

Whatever the reasons for needing storage units are, there are several common factors to look for when choosing a storage facility that is the best fit for each situation:

  • Ease of access should be a big factor in choosing a storage facility. Storage units with ground-level entry and 24/7 access are a requirement for storing property that needs to be moved in and out frequently, such as boats and RVs, or business inventory.
  • A facility with on-site customer service staff can respond to customer needs and maintenance issues much more efficiently than unattended facilities.
  • Facilities with state-of-the-art security systems and individual unit alarms make storage units safer places to keep property than on-street parking or storage in the family garage or basement.
  • Facilities with a wide variety of unit sizes and storage options offer the greatest flexibility for storage requirements. High ceilings in individual units, covered parking units, indoor warehouse space and other features will make custom storage solutions easier to find.

Metro Storage USA offers customers throughout the Detroit area all of these advantages in our storage facilities. Whether customers are looking for storage units for long-term storage of heirloom furniture, temporary storage during relocation, space for business inventory management, or a secure facility for boat or RV parking, our on-site customer service staff can help them find exactly what they need.

Benefits of Self-Storage

Many situations call for short-term to long-term storage of personal possessions and business property. Commercial self storage facilities meet this demand with a wide variety of storage options. By comparing services and prices, a customer can often find a storage solution at a self storage facility that saves money and is more secure than other choices for storage might be.

Here is an incomplete list of situations that might require storage of property for varying lengths of time:

  • In a weak economy, a small business might find itself with excess inventory on its hands. Rather than disposing of products at a loss, or investing in the expansion of on-site storage space for what may be a short-term problem, renting self storage space might be an economical choice.
  • Conversely, a rapidly growing business might need temporary storage space so it can keep sufficient inventory for increasing demand. A commercial storage unit is likely to cost much less than adding permanent storage space to a business’s premises.
  • Many people who own boats, recreational vehicles, or vintage automobiles choose self storage spaces over at-home storage, for security reasons, for keeping complaints from neighbors at a minimum, and for protecting their vehicles from deterioration due to extreme weather and sunlight. Many commercial storage companies offer covered parking, as well as warehouse space and individual storage units, for short-term and long-term vehicle storage.
  • Many people are down-sizing their living spaces, whether by choice or by necessity. Many baby-boomers have reached retirement age and are living in the houses they raised their now-adult children in. Other people have fallen victim to the recession and are being forced out of their homes due to foreclosure or eviction. Whatever the case may be, self storage of personal property and household furnishings makes good economic sense for the transition period from the old living quarters to the new.
  • Students often rent self storage units for keeping their belongings near campus during summer breaks. It is easier to move things from a storage unit into a dorm room than it is to transport them all the way from home at the beginning of every new school year.

Metro Storage USA offers Detroit area residents a variety of storage units and covered parking facilities. With convenient ground-level access, extensive security features, and on-site customer service staff, we can find the right self storage solution for almost any customer’s needs.

Boat Storage

Every boat owner knows that proper maintenance leads to longer boat life, lower operating costs and more enjoyment from the substantial initial investment that a boat represents. Proper boat storage is just as important as preventive maintenance over the life of the boat. When a boat is not in active use on the water, it makes good economic sense to store it high and dry and out of the elements, especially in the sometimes harsh winters in the Detroit area.

Even though the height of the summer boating season has just begun, it is not too early to give thought to making arrangements for off-season or year-round boat storage. Here are a few factors to consider in choosing a storage solution:

  • Buying or renting a marina slip is convenient for large boats or boats that will only be used on one lake. Marina fees can be much higher than other boat storage options, so other arrangements might make more sense for small boats that are easy to trailer to multiple locations.
  • Off-lake storage is a good idea for boat owners who plan to use their boats at many different lakes throughout the season. A conveniently located storage facility allows easy and unrestricted access to the boat for frequent outings.
  • Small boats on trailers can be stored outside in the owners’ driveway or yard, if they have space and understanding neighbors. But, a dedicated storage facility can offer amenities like covered storage and 24-hour security that homeowners may not be able to provide for themselves.

Metro Storage offers a variety of boat storage options. We have fully enclosed storage units that can accommodate boats and trailers of almost any size , as well as covered outdoor parking. Our facilities have ceilings as high as 16 feet and all of our units were designed for ease of access. Our security features let boat storage customers know their investment is protected from thieves and vandalism. Our customer service staff is always ready to discuss the best boat storage options for Detroit area boat owners.

RV Storage

There are several reasons an RV owner may want to pay for commercial RV storage instead of keeping the RV in his or her driveway. Protection from theft and vandalism is a big advantage to commercial storage, as well as protection from the elements if the owner chooses covered or enclosed storage for the RV. Many RV owners do not have space on their own property for long-term storage, and it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners’ associations to enforce neighborhood covenants that forbid visible RV storage on private driveways or in private yards.

An RV owner should take several factors into consideration when choosing an RV storage solution:

  • Does the RV owner want maximum protection from weather-related hazards? If so, RV storage in one of our enclosed units or warehouse spaces offers the best choice. We also have outdoor lots with covered storage spaces.
  • Many storage facilities have limited ceiling heights in their enclosed units. RV owners should be sure the facility they choose has units with high ceilings to accommodate their RVs, with head space for roof racks, antennas, a/c units or other equipment that rises above the vehicle’s nominal height.
  • If the RV owner chooses a commercial RV storage facility partly for property security considerations, he or she should ascertain that prospective facilities have adequate security features, including secure fencing, customer-only accessible gates, and 24-hour surveillance.
  • If an RV is going to be parked for several weeks or an entire season, the owner should prepare the vehicle for long-term storage by treating the fuel, draining fresh water supplies and taking other steps to prevent deterioration of the vehicle due to cold weather and lack of use.
  • Ease of access is a big consideration for RV owners looking for a place to store their vehicle. At Metro Storage USA, all of our facilities have ground-level access designed for ease of entry and exit.

The on-site customer service staff at all Detroit area Metro Storage USA facilities can help RV owners with any questions they may have about RV storage. Drop by or give them a call for answers to questions about choosing a storage facility, the availability of specific types of storage units or spaces, and tips on preparing an RV for long-term storage.

Car Storage – Protect That Investment!

car storage

car storage

Car owners have many different reasons for wanting to store a vehicle. Each individual situation will determine the most suitable car storage solution. Car storage in a private garage or carport or under a cover in a back yard is inexpensive if the owner has the space, but these options do not offer the same level of security as a commercial storage facility. If a car is used rarely or will be left idle for many months, long-term storage in a secure facility is an economical choice. Cars with high monetary value or high sentimental value can be stored securely in enclosed storage units that provide protection from weather.

Some owners in urban areas like Detroit prefer secure storage of their vehicles to street parking, especially if they drive their cars infrequently. A storage facility offers security from theft and vandalism, and protection from the weather. If the facility is conveniently located, car storage can be an attractive alternative to renting expensive parking garage space.

Car owners should consider their individual needs when choosing a car storage space. A dedicated space in an outdoor lot, whether covered or uncovered, might be a good choice for long-term storage of a car without high monetary value. Enclosed storage units are more expensive than outdoor lot storage, but they offer better protection from weather and rodents. Ease of access for cars that are driven fairly frequently is a key consideration in choosing a car storage facility.

Metro Storage offers a variety of car storage options, from small enclosed units for compact cars to outdoor lot storage and indoor warehouse storage for big RVs. Our units have high ceilings to accommodate higher profile vehicles. All of our storage is on street level for ease of access. Our on-site customer service staff can recommend the best car storage options for every situation and can also give car owners tips on the best ways to prepare cars for long-term storage.


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