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Every boat owner knows that proper maintenance leads to longer boat life, lower operating costs and more enjoyment from the substantial initial investment that a boat represents. Proper boat storage is just as important as preventive maintenance over the life of the boat. When a boat is not in active use on the water, it makes good economic sense to store it high and dry and out of the elements, especially in the sometimes harsh winters in the Detroit area.

Even though the height of the summer boating season has just begun, it is not too early to give thought to making arrangements for off-season or year-round boat storage. Here are a few factors to consider in choosing a storage solution:

  • Buying or renting a marina slip is convenient for large boats or boats that will only be used on one lake. Marina fees can be much higher than other boat storage options, so other arrangements might make more sense for small boats that are easy to trailer to multiple locations.
  • Off-lake storage is a good idea for boat owners who plan to use their boats at many different lakes throughout the season. A conveniently located storage facility allows easy and unrestricted access to the boat for frequent outings.
  • Small boats on trailers can be stored outside in the owners’ driveway or yard, if they have space and understanding neighbors. But, a dedicated storage facility can offer amenities like covered storage and 24-hour security that homeowners may not be able to provide for themselves.

Metro Storage offers a variety of boat storage options. We have fully enclosed storage units that can accommodate boats and trailers of almost any size , as well as covered outdoor parking. Our facilities have ceilings as high as 16 feet and all of our units were designed for ease of access. Our security features let boat storage customers know their investment is protected from thieves and vandalism. Our customer service staff is always ready to discuss the best boat storage options for Detroit area boat owners.