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There are many reasons for choosing a commercial storage facility for storing items that may not be convenient to keep at home. In addition to keeping furnishings in storage units after down-sizing housing or during new home construction, storage units are also convenient for college students who don’t want to move all of their belongings from the dorm to home between semesters, for businesses with excess inventory, for heirs while they are disposing of estate property, and for boat and RV owners who don’t want to store their vehicles on their driveways or in their back yards.

Whatever the reasons for needing storage units are, there are several common factors to look for when choosing a storage facility that is the best fit for each situation:

  • Ease of access should be a big factor in choosing a storage facility. Storage units with ground-level entry and 24/7 access are a requirement for storing property that needs to be moved in and out frequently, such as boats and RVs, or business inventory.
  • A facility with on-site customer service staff can respond to customer needs and maintenance issues much more efficiently than unattended facilities.
  • Facilities with state-of-the-art security systems and individual unit alarms make storage units safer places to keep property than on-street parking or storage in the family garage or basement.
  • Facilities with a wide variety of unit sizes and storage options offer the greatest flexibility for storage requirements. High ceilings in individual units, covered parking units, indoor warehouse space and other features will make custom storage solutions easier to find.

Metro Storage USA offers customers throughout the Detroit area all of these advantages in our storage facilities. Whether customers are looking for storage units for long-term storage of heirloom furniture, temporary storage during relocation, space for business inventory management, or a secure facility for boat or RV parking, our on-site customer service staff can help them find exactly what they need.