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car storage

car storage

Car owners have many different reasons for wanting to store a vehicle. Each individual situation will determine the most suitable car storage solution. Car storage in a private garage or carport or under a cover in a back yard is inexpensive if the owner has the space, but these options do not offer the same level of security as a commercial storage facility. If a car is used rarely or will be left idle for many months, long-term storage in a secure facility is an economical choice. Cars with high monetary value or high sentimental value can be stored securely in enclosed storage units that provide protection from weather.

Some owners in urban areas like Detroit prefer secure storage of their vehicles to street parking, especially if they drive their cars infrequently. A storage facility offers security from theft and vandalism, and protection from the weather. If the facility is conveniently located, car storage can be an attractive alternative to renting expensive parking garage space.

Car owners should consider their individual needs when choosing a car storage space. A dedicated space in an outdoor lot, whether covered or uncovered, might be a good choice for long-term storage of a car without high monetary value. Enclosed storage units are more expensive than outdoor lot storage, but they offer better protection from weather and rodents. Ease of access for cars that are driven fairly frequently is a key consideration in choosing a car storage facility.

Metro Storage offers a variety of car storage options, from small enclosed units for compact cars to outdoor lot storage and indoor warehouse storage for big RVs. Our units have high ceilings to accommodate higher profile vehicles. All of our storage is on street level for ease of access. Our on-site customer service staff can recommend the best car storage options for every situation and can also give car owners tips on the best ways to prepare cars for long-term storage.