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There are several reasons an RV owner may want to pay for commercial RV storage instead of keeping the RV in his or her driveway. Protection from theft and vandalism is a big advantage to commercial storage, as well as protection from the elements if the owner chooses covered or enclosed storage for the RV. Many RV owners do not have space on their own property for long-term storage, and it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners’ associations to enforce neighborhood covenants that forbid visible RV storage on private driveways or in private yards.

An RV owner should take several factors into consideration when choosing an RV storage solution:

  • Does the RV owner want maximum protection from weather-related hazards? If so, RV storage in one of our enclosed units or warehouse spaces offers the best choice. We also have outdoor lots with covered storage spaces.
  • Many storage facilities have limited ceiling heights in their enclosed units. RV owners should be sure the facility they choose has units with high ceilings to accommodate their RVs, with head space for roof racks, antennas, a/c units or other equipment that rises above the vehicle’s nominal height.
  • If the RV owner chooses a commercial RV storage facility partly for property security considerations, he or she should ascertain that prospective facilities have adequate security features, including secure fencing, customer-only accessible gates, and 24-hour surveillance.
  • If an RV is going to be parked for several weeks or an entire season, the owner should prepare the vehicle for long-term storage by treating the fuel, draining fresh water supplies and taking other steps to prevent deterioration of the vehicle due to cold weather and lack of use.
  • Ease of access is a big consideration for RV owners looking for a place to store their vehicle. At Metro Storage USA, all of our facilities have ground-level access designed for ease of entry and exit.

The on-site customer service staff at all Detroit area Metro Storage USA facilities can help RV owners with any questions they may have about RV storage. Drop by or give them a call for answers to questions about choosing a storage facility, the availability of specific types of storage units or spaces, and tips on preparing an RV for long-term storage.