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If you have more things than you have room for in your home or business, there are many storage solutions available for helping you manage your excess stuff. The best storage solutions for your individual situation will combine efficient use of space at a reasonable cost with other considerations such as ease of access and site security. The first thing you should consider is whether you really need to store some of your belongings. You can save a lot of money in storage costs by taking a critical look at the things you are considering storing to determine whether you really need to keep them in the first place. Consider how likely you are to need the things left over from your recent home down-sizing or your parents’ recently liquidated estate in the future. It might make sense to give some of it away or take it to a consignment shop rather than paying to store it indefinitely. If you have excess business inventory, it might make sense to liquidate some of it in a big customer appreciation sale rather than paying to store it for many months or years while you wait for the economy to improve. But, using commercial storage solutions for managing your active inventory is probably more cost-effective than expanding your own facilities just to make room for storage. You may not need as big a space as you expect for storing your belongings. By carefully stacking boxes and positioning furniture you can make efficient use of space from floor to ceiling in a storage unit and may be able to use a smaller and less expensive unit than you originally estimated. As you consider storage solutions for your individual situation, keep in mind the ease of access and site security that a commercial storage facility might offer compared to private options such as renting a friend’s garage or cramming things into your unfinished attic. Metro Storage USA can offer several storage solutions to fit your individual situation. Call or stop by one of our convenient locations to discuss your ideas with our on-site customer service staff.